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Biopic Hazards

11 Feb

Lemme tell you a story. It’s about a young boy from the backwoods of somewhere. He’s a smart kid from a broken home. Dad’s a drunkard with a temper who leaves them when the boy’s five. Mom’s a kind-hearted soul who tries her best. One day, the boy – for he is a boy – […]


28 Jan

Let me be up front about this whole thing: I don’t care. I really don’t. It’s stupid. I love football. And I hate cheating. But this? It’s fucking stupid. And I don’t care about it. Ok, maybe a little. Let me explain, First, a primer, for those blessed few to be living blind to the […]

A Most(ly) Good Year (for Film)

21 Jan

2014 was a crappy year for the world, but a wonderful year for movies. Just one look at the Oscar nominations (which I still don’t think matter that much) proves that. Yes, it is shockingly white and male, but that should not detract from the quality. Out of the eight nominees for Best Picture four can […]

One Week Out

14 Jan

I.    Fuck Religion The ghastly, horrific slaughter at the offices of the French humor newspaper Charlie Hebdo only reinforce my belief that religion – in our supposedly post-Enlightenment era – is a relic from a time when the world honestly believed in what we now consider myths. The Bible is a wonderful book…of fairytales […]

The Awards Season of Your Life

7 Jan

When I was younger I had the best Oscar speech. Then I got over the delusion that I would ever win an Oscar. I still have the Oscar speech, which is pretty darned good for one that doesn’t show devout (or any) appreciation to god. I still watch the Oscars, not that I really care […]

“Foxcatcher” – A Review

18 Nov

Sidney Lumet’s 1975 film, Dog Day Afternoon subscribes to the idea that truth is stranger than fiction, or as a great man once said, “You can’t make this shit up.” Dog Day is based on the true story of a man who robs a Brooklyn bank to pay for his boyfriend’s sex-change operation, which you […]

“Interstellar” – A Review

10 Nov

The Earth is dying. We killed it. We took it and used it up without thinking. We were callous and indifferent and now we are all going to die. Or our children or grandchildren are going to die. That could easily be the premise of the film entitled The World We Live in or Soon […]

Why Bother?

6 Nov

In February of 2002 I lost my job. Actually, everyone in my firm lost their job. I was out of work for a couple of months (which perfectly coincided with the two months of severance I was given) before I was finally hired by the wig factory, for which I have been stitching and weaving […]

“Listen Up Philip” and “Birdman” – Reviews

25 Oct

Oh to be an artist! The, fame! The fortune! The women!!! The acclaim of the critics. The applause of an adoring audience. The bestseller list. Numero Uno at the box office. A Hotsy Boffo Weekend. The awards! The adulations!! The women!!! The young up-and-coming artist fantasizes about this bounty, while the older, established one will […]

“St. Vincent” and “Whiplash” – Reviews

18 Oct

The career of Bill Murray has become more myth than career. He is no longer merely an actor; Bill Murray is a slice of contemporary performance art, showing up at weddings and Bar Mitzvahs, his ho-hum face plastered on t-shirts across the hipsterverse. He is an icon of nerdy coolness, the serene man-child of Americana. […]